We recently removed all of our book inventory from AbeBooks.  We will list a small selection of books in our eBay store, but the remainder of our thousands of books will be sold through our partner P-Town Book Sales and their multitude of online and local venues.

LP / Vinyl Records

Our LP listings currently for sale can all be located in our eBay store.  We are currently sorting and listing thousands of LPs, so check our store often for new listings.   We have not found a site online that sells LPs that meets our standards of accuracy, ease, and customer service. 

We grade our vinyl using Goldmine vinyl grading standards shown below. 

Grading Standards for 33's, 45's, 78's

MINT: A perfect record (or as close to perfect as possible), with no defects.  We have never used this grade as even sealed records aren’t always “perfect”.

NEAR MINT: This is a nearly flawless record.  The vinyl will have no scuffs or scratches, the label will be bright with no wear, not even small spindle marks.  It should look like the disc was taken out of the cover for the first time.  The cover and picture sleeve will have no splits, tears or creases and the corners will be sharp.  No “ring” or other damage to the colors of the pictures or art on cover or sleeve.  This is basically a “new” record.

VERY GOOD+: The vinyl will show signs of light use.  This is a used disc that has been handled gently and should retain most of its original gloss.  It may have light scuffs and scratches that shouldn’t affect play.  The label should be bright, with minimal wear or very light spindle marks.  Picture sleeves will have light wear, i.e. rubbed corners or small splits in the seam.   Covers will also have light wear, cut corners, cut-out hole, very light “ring”, slightly rubbed corners.  No split seams.  Overall a VG+ record should provide a nice listening experience and be in “collectible” condition.**  

VERY GOOD: The vinyl will show signs of use.  There will be surface noise, possibly an occasional pop or crack, but nothing that overwhelms the music and no skips.  Light scuffs and scratches will be presents, groove wear may be noticeable.  The gloss on vinyl will be more subdued than higher grades.  The label will have some light wear; possibly some writing, a sticker, tape, etc.  The cover and sleeves will also have some wear, rubbed corners, the “ring” will be more pronounced (if present), seam splits may be present, the colors of pictures and artwork may have some wear or light areas.  Overall a VG will play through and still be enjoyable to the listener, but we’re now getting into a grade where a better quality copy will be available, unless it’s very scarce.  This is a record in average condition.**

GOOD: Contrary to popular belief this is not in “bad” condition.  The vinyl will have scuffs and scratches that will affect the sound, with pops and cracks, though it should play all the way through without skipping or getting stuck.  It will have groove wear.  The original gloss may be dull.  The label will have wear, i.e. scratches, spindle marks, fading, stickers, etc.  The cover and sleeve will have seam splits, tape, writing, ring wear.  The artwork and pictures will have fading, light areas, etc.  A GOOD record is not in collectible condition.  It is a “filler” copy until a better copy becomes available.

FAIR: Now this is a record in “bad” condition and has no real value unless it is extremely rare.

POOR: You can probably identify the record.

STILL SEALED: This, a true factory sealed record, is the most collectible record available, but records from before the mid 1980s are easily resealed.

**NOTE** For records that are in VERY GOOD to VERY GOOD+: Any time there is a problem, such as, tape on the label, a split seam, a cut corner, a tear, etc., it will be noted in the description of the record.  Also, our records are visually graded unless otherwise noted. 

Colorado Vintage & Classic Cars

We recently expanded our business to include a number of vintage and classic cars located in Colorado.  We currently have that information listed on a Facebook page and will expand our Colorado information in the future.  Our Facebook page is called Colorado Vintage and Classic Cars

Painted Rocks

There is a growing international movement of painted rocks and random acts of kindness.  These are tiny pieces of artwork that are made and left at random for people to find.  You will see ties to these groups in our social media platforms as well as the links below.

Cloverdale Rocks & Fairies

707 Rocks!

Cloverdale Fairies